Brighton Indie Hackers Goes Online

Oh how things have changed, and oh how my hands have been full!

I’ve been pondering what to do next with Brighton Indie Hackers. I’ve really enjoyed the social events and getting to know some of you. However, I think the reality is that it could be months, or even next year until we get to meet face to face again.

So for now I think it’s worth changing things up with a focus on being minimalistic and moving things online.

Bye to account

I’ll be saying good bye to our Meetup group. This is partly because I have ethical issues about them, even if they have just been acquired…again. They are also about to bill me for 6 months of fees, I’m in no mood to give them $100+ of my money.

And I have about 3 days to cancel my subscription, so here we go!

Lets meet up online

I’d love to see if we can hook up online, we can make these social, but I also think it can be good to have a topic focus for some of them. I have some ideas and a Pro Whereby account, but if you have some feel free to leave a comment.

Substack as a place to communicate

Substack is a way to send newsletters, but it can also be a little community within itself. It feels like the simplest way to get going. I looked at many options and I hope this one with the least barriers to entry for all.

I’ll be in touch soon with details of a new online meetup date.

In the meantime, there’s a subscribe button at the top of the page, go explore that! ☝️

Find us on - and then here on Substack -

Thank you and stay safe. ❤️

Rosie Sherry